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  1. Ehssan Mosleh
    1 oktober 2015

    Dear Ms. Annelies Waterlander,

    forgive me I send this here I should’ve mail that.
    I was a journalist to in Iran. I’m crazy about writing and reading. I already edited a translated book. as I’m studying Iranian society personaly, and in university too, I see lots of interesting case studies for you here in Iran. specially in these days that the situation is changing slowly and there’s a parlimantary election in march. I believe there’s a lot of common subjects we both interested in. So I want to invite you to Iran and where I live Bushehr in Iran south. a nice small city. For now I am a sale manager and head of the public relations department in a company thet exports seefood stuffs. I live with my parents in a big house. I was born in Paris and my parents have lived there for 10 years and they both know French and as I can speak English well you don’t have any problem to communicate. I already told them about this invitation and they are very pleased to be your host. We can do some project and researches together that I assure you they will be fantastic and unique. You are welcome here and believe me Iran is not as badas you saw in media, honestly.
    I found you from linkedin and you take over my attention I see some mutual sense, history and interests we can work on it. Believe me Iran is a very brilliant oppotunity for journalists and researchers specially after nule talks with 5+1.
    it’s my honor pleasure to read your reply.
    My Regards,

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