Iftar-meeting in Utrecht; you’re invited

27 mei 2015|Posted in: Nieuws, Vrij werk

Sometimes we are so busy talking about each other, that we forgot to talk with each other. Luckily online there are a lot of encounters between people who otherwise wouldn’t meet one another. However it’s a shame that it often stays with online encounters. For that reason I organise a Iftar-dinner during the Ramadan where Muslima’s and non-Muslima’s can get to know each other.

On the 18th of June of this year the Ramadan will start, probably. That means a period of a month begins in which Muslims don’t eat and drink between sunrise and sunset. But in the evening’s people visit one another to share a meal. A glass of milk and a date are the start of the rituals during the Ramadan-night.

On Tuesday June 30 at three minutes past ten (sunset) we will meet with forty women from different backgrounds to break a day of fasting and share a meal. It’s a moment for Muslim and non-Muslim women to go to table together, to talk with one another and most importantly to enjoy delicious food. To put it short: a cultural and culinary exchange.

Access to the Iftar-meal is free. I will make sure there are at least dates and milk to break the fasting. Besides every participant is asked to take one dish to share. In that way we can enjoy each others cooking skill and I won’t be in the kitchen for days.

Register for the Iftar-meeting is obliged, because of the limit chairs available. You can enroll by sending an e-mail to contact [@] annelieswaterlander.nl. In a confirmation e-mail you will receive the address of the location in Utrecht. The address will not be published online to prevent that there will be more girls the 30th than seats. Exclusively registering through Facebook or Instagram is not enough, but feel free to invite your friends via social media. De evening will be only for women. If there is enough interest we could organise a second edition for a mixed or all male public.

Maybe unnecessary to mention, but I don’t have a place to sleep for forty women. Please keep this in mind when you are traveling to Utrecht from another city, because the fasting can’t be broken before ten o’clock.

If you have a idea to contribute to the evening, then you can also get in touch with me through the earlier mentioned mail-address. I would for example be extremely happy if there would be a Henaya who can give people a little reminder of the iftar-meeting for the days after.

UPDATE: During the Ramadan of 2017 I will organise a third edition of the Iftar meeting. More information about the third edition you will find in “Derde editie Iftar-ontmoeting“. (Article in Dutch for the time being)



  1. Leila
    10 juni 2015

    Hoi Annelies,
    graag zijn mijn zusje Malika en ik aanwezig.
    Groetjes Leila.

  2. Assia
    14 juni 2015

    Hai Annelies

    Ik volg je via instagram en ik zou heem graag aanwezig zijn op jouw iftar met mijn niet islamitische beste vriendin Paula op 30 juni!
    Hoop dat er nog plekjes zijn!

    Groetjes Assia

  3. Annelies Waterlander
    15 juni 2015

    Dear all,

    I have a small announcement on the الافطار (the iftar) I’m hosting on June 30 in Utrecht. There is no place left at the table. I already added some chairs, because my heart wants to give place to everybody who wants to be part of this encounter. But now the space is really full. Unless you want to sit on the ground. I’m overwhelmed by all the awesome comments I received. I could not have dreamed that this plan would become this big. If I host a second time I will search for even a bigger location, but I thought forty women was already optimistic. If you haven’t registered yet for the evening but want to be part of it, you can still send me an email. I will make a backup list. If someone last minute is not able to join I will contact people from this list. If you are not sure if you are on the guestlist, you can also send me a message to check.

    Sunny greetings Annelies Waterlander

  4. saidakoezinasoof
    18 juli 2015

    Wat een prachtig initiatief! ❤️

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